Saturday, 10 March 2018

Term 1 Week 7 Reminders

Sounds of the Week 

Please have a look around your house for something starting with the following sounds and bring in to put on our sounds of the week table. Please make sure it has the sound that is in given words below:

  •  k as in kitten
  •  b as is bird
  •  e as in bed and me

Photos for History Lesson
Thanks so much for sending these photos in. The lesson was a great success and you will get to see the student work very soon.

Parent Help in the Classroom
If you would like to help out in the classroom please click HERE to fill out the form.

Each student such have received a note outlining the news topics and tips for presenting news.They should also have received a card with their news day on it. 
This weeks topic is:
Talk about something ‘I can do’ - it might be soccer or a sport, cooking with mum, playing a musical instrument, dancing, singing or any other hobby.
For a copy of the note click HERE

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