Sunday, 13 August 2017

Term 3 Week 4 Reminders

Welcome to Week 4
News Topic

A true family story. Talk about something that a family or family member has experienced. It can be funny, unusual, amazing or accidental. For example “When mum went to school they had funny old wooden tables that were always in straight rows. There weren’t any computers and the most amazing ‘thing’ was an overhead projector that the teacher would turn on and the fan blew hot air on everyone.”

Book Week Character Parade
A reminder to plan your dress up costume for Week 5. It has to be a character from a book and bring the book as well.
The parade will be on Friday 25 August.

Just a reminder that if your child is sick, you will be contacted by the school to reply to a text message. 

If your child is going to away for a family holiday or other reasons the school needs to be informed before you go away. 
Fill in the Leave Of Absence form on the parent portal.

Parent Helpers
There will be no groups this week. Enjoy a free morning!

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