Friday, 16 June 2017

Term 2 Week 9 Reminders

Hello Everyone,
We are looking forward to our first Kindergarten excursion on Tuesday.
Please pack a waterproof jacket with a hood or a raincoat with a hood in the children's excursion bag. Umbrellas are not recommended as we will be walking around in groups.
Normal school bags and yellow folder bags do not need to come to school on Tuesday. 
Tuesday news group will have time to present their poem/nursery rhyme before we leave on the excursion.
If your child is sick or has been sick during Monday night we request that they do not attend the excursion. If in doubt, please keep them at home as we would rather not risk having to call parents to collect their child from Symbio Park.
We will take lots of photos to show on the blog afterwards.

Sounds Of The Week
A little difficult this week (sorry). The sounds are ' q' as in queen, 
' x ' as in x-ray and ' z ' as in zebra. 

News Topic
Recite a poem or nursery rhyme that we haven’t done in class. Try to memorise it.
(Please don’t do – Hey Diddle Diddle, Rub a dub dub three men in a boat, Incy Wincy, 1,2,3,4,5 Once I caught a fish alive, Pat a cake, Little Miss Muffet, Higgetty Piggetty My Fat Hen, I’m a little teapot)

Volunteers Needed To Cover Books
We have some new readers that need covering with contact.
If you are willing to help us, we can send the books and contact home with your child.
Much appreciated. 

Bicycle Awareness and Safety Permission notes need to be returned to the class teacher.
Please also return parent helper (blue notes) for Term 3 groups.

Interviews Bookings 
You will be able to book a parent/teacher interview on Tuesday 20 from 12:00pm. If there is not a preferred time for you we can make alternate arrangements.

The Portfolios will be sent home on Thursday 22 June. There are multiple work samples grouped together in the plastic sleeves. You will need to pull the work samples out to look at all of them.
Please bring the Portfolio folder with you to the interview.

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