Saturday, 29 April 2017

Term 2 Week 2 Reminders

Sounds Of The Week
This week the sounds are 'o' as in frog and 'n' as in net.
Please find some items from around the house to bring in for our sound table.

News Topic

My favourite animal. You can talk about what it eats, where it lives, if it is a pet how do you care for it, does it need exercise, how to keep it healthy. 
Bring in pictures, email or make a poster to add to your talk.

Groups Commence This Week
Reading groups on Monday and Maths groups on Tuesday.
Please note, no reading groups this Wednesday due to the Mother's Day Stall.
Please check the roster to see if you are on this week.

Mother's Day Stall on Wednesday 3 May
Please check the note on the Parent Portal about the Mother's Day Stall on Wednesday.
The children can bring their money in an envelope or in a small purse or wallet.

Homework Booklets
The children will receive their new homework booklets for this term, sometime this week. (it may not be Monday)
Please ensure that only the current week pages are completed.
The sight words on the side of the page are to be cut out and used for practise at home. They can be laminated or pasted onto cardboard to use as often as possible. They can also be photocopied to make extra copies to play Snap or Memory games.

Readers and Levels
The students are regularly evaluated on their reader level. 
The class teacher will decide if the student is ready to progress to the next level.
Sometimes a book has been placed in the wrong box or a student may accidentally take home the wrong level. We understand that this may happen from time to time.
Please encourage your child to read every night. Look at the pictures, talk about the story, ask them to point to each word as they read by putting their finger under the word (beginner readers only). Look out for sight words that are frequently used in the text. Try to find a balance between sounding out some words and skipping the ones that can't be sounded out (just tell them) e.g. 'said', 'come', 'here'
Some students are not aware of the repetitive pattern of the text. It is helpful to draw their attention to it. 

Friday, 28 April 2017

Monday, 24 April 2017

Term 2 Week 1 Reminders

Hello everyone and welcome back. We hope you had a relaxing break from the school routine.

Mystery Readers
Please Click on the links below to sign up for Mystery Reader.

Kindy Kangaroo - Click here
Kindy Platypus - Click here

News Topic
This week the news topic can be done on any day (Wednesday-Friday). 
My holidays....

Sport Hero and Cross Country Race
Dress up as your favourite sport hero on Friday. 
The outfit needs to be cool and comfortable for running the cross country race.
Kinder will be running their races from 1:30pm at Billa Oval.

Parent Roster and Groups
Please click on the Parent Roster tab at the top of the page to view the roster.
Please email Mrs Blake if you have an enquiry.
Groups will commence next week.

Sound Of The Week
Sounds For Term 2
‘o’ as in frog
‘n’ as in net
‘p’ as in panda
‘e’ as in bed
‘k’ as in kitten
‘c’ as in cat
‘ck’ as in duck
‘h’ as in hand
‘b’ as in bird
‘w’ as in water
‘u’ as in bus
‘j’ as in jam
‘y’ as in yawn
‘l’ as in leg
‘v’ as in voice
‘x’ as in x-ray
‘q’ as in queen
‘z’ as in zip

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Mystery Reader Sign Up for Term 2.

We had great fun with our Mystery readers in Term 1 and can not wait to share with more of you this term. Mums, Dads, Aunties, Uncles, Grandmas, Grandads and Friends are all welcome to sign up.

Please Click on the links below to sign up for Mystery Reader.

Kindy Kangaroo - Click here
Kindy Platypus - Click here

End of term fun.

 Here are some photos from the end of term. We had great fun with the puppet theatre. Please enjoy.