Sunday, 12 March 2017

Term 1 Week 7 Reminders

News Topics Commence This Week
Please check your child's yellow bag for a blue note with the News Topics and hints for presentation.
Each child has been allocated a News Day.
It is preferable that the child's news is presented on their allocated day as we find it difficult to make up the extra time on other days. We can make allowances if the child has been sick.

This week's topic is 'I can....'. We look forward to hearing their ideas.

Sound Of The Week
The sound for this week is 'f' as in fish. Please find items around the house for our sound table.
(frog, family photo, fork, friends, five cent coin, fettuccine pasta)

Toys and Games for Recess and Lunch
The children can bring in a small toy, colouring in book, pencil case, card game etc if they'd prefer to play in the quieter area, on the mats near our classroom. The field is usually open for running around and using equipment as well. 
On Wednesdays the children may go to the library as an alternative.

Mufti Day on Tuesday 14
Please refer to the note on the parent portal. We would like to encourage everyone to participate in this worthy cause.
We will collect the gold coins at the beginning of the day.
Thank you.

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