Friday, 3 March 2017

Term 1 Week 6 Reminders

Sound Of the Week
Please find some items around the house with either the short vowel sound 'i' as in tin or the long vowel sound 'i' as in tiger.

Homework Booklet Commences
Your child will bring home a booklet with an orange cover.
Please encourage your chile to write with a lead pencil in the booklet and to do their best handwriting.
We will do the first line at school as an example for this week.
Return booklets on Friday for marking.

Home Readers
Thank you for filling in the Home Reading Logs. We are encouraged to see that everyone is reading every night. 
Home Readers only come home Monday-Thursday. Have fun reading other books on the weekend.

Cake Day this Friday 10 March. Note on the Parent Portal.

Wet Day Pick Ups
Just a reminder that parents may come through the foyer into the covered courtyard area near the kinder rooms to collect their child. We will bring the car line children out to the footpath as usual.

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