Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Mission Week Assembly Friday

Dear Parents,
There have been some changes to the times for our Friday assembly.
The Mission Assembly will commence at 12:00pm and conclude approximately at 12:45.
Parents are welcome to stay and have hot cross buns/ tea/coffee in the PAC foyer afterwards.
Students will return to class after the assembly and will have a later lunch break.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Hey Diddle Diddle

Kindergarten are looking at Nursery Rhymes in our Literacy Unit. This week we looked at Hey Diddle Diddle. The students had great fun working in groups to act out the nursery rhyme.
Check out our performances in the video.

Correction Sport Hero Day


Sport Hero Day next Tuesday 4 April (not tomorrow).

Fun Run next Wednesday 5 April at Billa Rd Oval.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Measuring in Maths

This week and last week we have been learning how to measure items and compare them by using blocks and string. (informal units)
We have discussed mathematical terms such as longer, shorter, wider, thicker, thinner, longest, shortest.
The students have ordered items from smallest to tallest and we had fun working out the tallest and shortest people in Kinder. 

A few quick photos from the Platypus Class on Friday.

Term 1 Week 9 Reminders

Mission Week
This week is the Junior School's Mission Week. Parents are invited to attend the Monday assembly (8:30-9:30) and concluding Friday Assembly (11:00-12:00).
It will be a lot of fun and the staff have a few surprises planned as well.

Sound Of The Week
Please find an item from your home starting with the sound ' r ' for rain. 
Every Monday when we introduce the sound for the week we sit in a circle and talk about each item that has been brought in.

News Topic
This week, teach the class something. A simple step by step explanation of how to make something or a song/nursery rhyme etc
We look forward to hearing each child explain their topic.
Have a quick practise at home before your news day.

Tuesday Sport Hero Dress Up Day
Please refer to the paper note that was sent home. Children can be dressed up as their favourite sport or sporting hero 
(not superheroes).
In past years we have had dancers, swimmers, footy players, golfers, karate, baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis players etc.
Have fun being creative and using items of clothing that are already in the wardrobe.
Clothing needs to be comfortable and appropriate for wearing all day at school. Appropriate footwear and a hat is also required.

Wednesday Cross Country Fun Run (Kinder and Year 1)
The children will have an opportunity to have a fun run in their sport period at Billa Oval. Parents are welcome to come along and cheer.
Please refer to the note on the portal for further details.
Extra drink bottle may be needed!

KIndy Platypus Mystery Reader Week 8

On Friday we had a delightful tale about Jack and the Flum Flum Tree by Julia Donaldson. Jack helps his sick granny by finding a rare fruit on the island of Blowyernose.
We thoroughly enjoyed the rhyming adventure, particularly the 'Blowyernose Island'.
Thanks to our Mystery Reader for sharing this book with us.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Kindy Kangaroo Mystery Reader Week 7

This week our Mystery Reader bought along a book by a favourite Australian author Mem Fox called 'This & That'.
We had great fun looking at the pictures and wondering what  the story for each might be. Thanks for sharing this imaginative book with us. 

Week 8 Term 1 Reminders

Incidents at School
Just a friendly reminder that if there has been an incident at school involving your child the best course of action is to speak to the staff directly. Thanks.

Sound Of The Week
This week's sound is 'd' as in dog. We hope you can find some interesting items around the home for our sound table.

Sport Shoes for PE on Monday.

News Topic For This Week
Bring in something from home and describe what it is made of (e.g wood, plastic, material, metal, no glass thanks)
Some items may be made from two or three different materials. Can you talk about them all?
Have a practise at home first.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Mystery Reader Week 7 in Platypus Class

On Friday we had pirate story from our Mystery Reader called Sunk by Rob Biddulph. It had a lot of rhyming words and funny characters that were shipwrecked. Luckily they were all rescued from the tiny island.
Thanks to our Mystery Reader mum who came today.

Our Week

A little snapshot of our week......

All together for choir on Mufti Day.
Money raised on the day from the Junior School was $979.60.


Creative Play

Platypus Class Library Time

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Kindy Kangaroo Mystery Reader Week 6

This week our Mystery reader shared a really fun book with us 'Thelma the Unicorn' by Aaron Blabey. It was a great to learn to be happy with who we are.
Thanks for coming to read this special story to us.

Term 1 Week 7 Reminders

News Topics Commence This Week
Please check your child's yellow bag for a blue note with the News Topics and hints for presentation.
Each child has been allocated a News Day.
It is preferable that the child's news is presented on their allocated day as we find it difficult to make up the extra time on other days. We can make allowances if the child has been sick.

This week's topic is 'I can....'. We look forward to hearing their ideas.

Sound Of The Week
The sound for this week is 'f' as in fish. Please find items around the house for our sound table.
(frog, family photo, fork, friends, five cent coin, fettuccine pasta)

Toys and Games for Recess and Lunch
The children can bring in a small toy, colouring in book, pencil case, card game etc if they'd prefer to play in the quieter area, on the mats near our classroom. The field is usually open for running around and using equipment as well. 
On Wednesdays the children may go to the library as an alternative.

Mufti Day on Tuesday 14
Please refer to the note on the parent portal. We would like to encourage everyone to participate in this worthy cause.
We will collect the gold coins at the beginning of the day.
Thank you.

Mystery Reader Week 6 Platypus Class

We had an enjoyable afternoon with our Mystery Reader on Friday.
She read A Squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson. It was about a little old lady who thought her house was too small but with some advice from a wise man and some farmyard animals she changed her mind.
A valuable lesson for all of us to be happy and content with what we have already.
Enjoy the photos.

Year 3 Share their Books

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Tissue Box Creations.

To finish off our  'Tt' week in Kindergarten we were given a tissue box to make anything with. The room was buzzing with creativity and imagination. What terrific tissue box creations!

Kindy Kangaroo Mystery Reader Week 5

Kindy Kangaroo had our first Dad come as a Mystery reader. He shared a fun and fantastic book called 'Room on the Broom' by Julia Donaldson. Many of us knew the story and joined in. Thanks for being our Mystery Reader this week.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Term 1 Week 6 Reminders

Sound Of the Week
Please find some items around the house with either the short vowel sound 'i' as in tin or the long vowel sound 'i' as in tiger.

Homework Booklet Commences
Your child will bring home a booklet with an orange cover.
Please encourage your chile to write with a lead pencil in the booklet and to do their best handwriting.
We will do the first line at school as an example for this week.
Return booklets on Friday for marking.

Home Readers
Thank you for filling in the Home Reading Logs. We are encouraged to see that everyone is reading every night. 
Home Readers only come home Monday-Thursday. Have fun reading other books on the weekend.

Cake Day this Friday 10 March. Note on the Parent Portal.

Wet Day Pick Ups
Just a reminder that parents may come through the foyer into the covered courtyard area near the kinder rooms to collect their child. We will bring the car line children out to the footpath as usual.

Platypus Mystery Reader Week 5

It was lovely to have another grandparent visit the Kinder Platypus class. She read a well known story called Shoes From Grandpa by Mem Fox. There were lots of rhyming words and repetition of the story as each new item of clothing was added.
Thanks for coming to our classroom on such a wet afternoon.
Here are some photos.


This week Kindy Kangaroo have been learning about patterns in Maths. We  have had lots of fun making patterns with all different things.