Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Arrangements After Presentation Day Assembly

Dear Parents,
At the conclusion of the K-2 Assembly we will take the Kinder classes back to the classroom to put on their shoes and collect their uniform.
Could we please request that you wait outside in the infants courtyard and we will bring each student out to be signed off when they are ready to depart.
Thank you for your assistance,
Mrs Blake   Mrs Collins

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Final Reminders For the Last Week of School

Permission Notes
*Please return the swimming permission note for the 2018 Swimming Carnival.
*Permission Note for pick-up arrangements after Wednesday's presentation day assembly. 

Black Pants For Wednesday's Item
Please bring in the black pants in a labelled plastic bag on Monday.
The coloured tee-shirt is to be worn under their full school uniform on Wednesday. 
A reminder that blazers are to be worn for the assembly.

Book Bags
Thank you to everyone who has brought in their cloth/recycle bags for school books. 
We will be sending home the books on Tuesday.

Headphones and Yellow Bags
The children's headphones and yellow bags will be collected and passed onto the Year 1 teachers for next year. 

There won't be any readers, news or homework this week.

Thank you for your ongoing support this year. We appreciate all that you do to prepare your child for school each day. Crunch and sip, homework, readers, sport shoes, library bags, preparing news topics etc etc

We would like to wish all our families a relaxing, safe and restful Summer holiday and a wonderful Christmas too.
Mrs Collins       Mrs Blake

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Photos of The Mini-Fete Day Last Friday

Enjoy our photos from last Friday. The children had a wonderful time and over $3000 was raised. Thank you for your support.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017


Swimming has been such fun. To finish off last week we took a photo of us all in our cute poncho hood towels.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Bring a soft toy for Science this week

This  week we will be bringing our science unit 'Weather in our World' to an exciting end. For our lesson on Tuesday this week students need to bring in a small soft toy  that they can dress/make an outfit for at school. Approximately 15-20cm tall, should be able to fit on an A4 piece of paper. 
Here are some examples
Juliet the Valentines Penguin (regular)Image result for beanie bears

Friday, 24 November 2017

Term 4 Reminders Week 8

News Topic
Free Choice

Bag for Classroom Books
Dear Parents,
At this time of the year we will be completing books and preparing them to be sent home.
We require a strong cloth style bag similar to Woolies, Coles or Aldi's re-useable bags to be brought into school as soon as possible.
Could each bag have the child's name clearly displayed on the outside of the bag. 

Advanced Notice For Costume Requirements 
Dear Parents,
There will be a note going on the portal soon about what the children will need to have for the final item on Presentation Day.
This is what they will need...

*A plain bright coloured t-shirt (NO PICTURES or LOGOS please)
*Black shorts/leggins (knee length, calf length or to ankle)

Christmas Card Hand Out
Just a reminder that Christmas cards will be exchanged on Thursday 30 November if your child wishes to participate. It is not compulsory.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Christmas Cards

Dear Parents,
At this time of the year the children like to hand out Christmas cards to their friends.
If your child would like to do this we will have a card giving afternoon on Thursday 30 November.
They will be able to hand out their cards to friends in both Kinder classes.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Christmas Play 2017

On Friday there was so much excitement in Kindergarten as we were finally able to share our item 'The Christmas Story' with the rest of the Junior school, parent and friends. Well done Kindergarten you put on a great show.
Please enjoy the fun in the photos below.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Term 4 Week 7 Reminders

Reading Lessons with iPads
The Platypus class will be having 2-3 reading lessons involving iPads to introduce a new reading app.
Mrs Blake would love to hear from any parents who would be willing to come this Tuesday 21 November at 11:10am and Thursday 23 November at 9:00am to assist with these literacy lessons.
The aim will be teach the children how to login with their own username and password.
We will do a step by step lesson altogether initially and then as each child/group is on different reading levels they will then read their allocated book on the iPad and complete an activity if there is time.
Please email Mrs Blake if you are able to come on one of those days or both days.
Thank you,
Mrs Blake

News Topic
Bring in a Christmas book to share with the class. Retell in your own words the beginning, middle and end of the story.
We will put the books under our Christmas tree for others to look at for the week. (please put your name on it)


Tell us what you love about Christmas or another family tradition and why it is special to you and your family.

Year 6 Mini-Fete on Friday

Please refer to the note on the parent portal.
We recommend a small purse, wallet or bag with 50c, $1 and $2 coins that the children can manage on their own.
It is a lot of fun and the children love having the independence to decide how they will spend their money.

Swimming lessons on Wednesday

Please remember to pack-
*hooded towel
*swim cap
*sandals/slip on shoes
* Remember to have you name on all items of clothing (boys  please check your sport track suit pants)

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Term 4 Week 6 Reminders

Christmas Play
Please bring to school the clothing items (in a labelled plastic bag) that were highlighted on the blue note for your child.
We would prefer all items to be brought to school as soon as possible.
We have been rehearsing the play and look forward to presenting it in our K-6 assembly on Friday.
The assembly commences at 11:45am in the PAC.

News Topic
Make something out of recycled materials from home and tell us all about it.

Year 6 Mini-Fete Friday 24 November
Start saving your coins for the Year 6 Mini-Fete. They organise lots of stalls (food, toys, games to play, face painting, etc)
A purse, wallet or clip-lock bag is an easy way for the children to manage their money.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Term 4 Week 5 Reminders

News Topic
Which season is your favourite and why?

Swimming Gear
We had a very smooth start to our swimming lessons last Wednesday. 
Just another reminder for the excursion bag...
* undies
* goggles
* swimming cap
* slip on sandals/footwear
* hooded-cape towel
* plastic bag for wet things

A little face at the window last Monday!
We were all surprised to see this lizard peeking in our window last Monday. It's markings looked like an Eastern Water Dragon.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

KIndergarten's Christmas Nativity Play

Dear Parents,
Your child may have come home talking (and singing?) about our rehearsals lately.
We are rehearsing the Christmas nativity for our assembly item.
The play will be performed at a K-6 assembly on the 17 November in the PAC at 11:45am.
Parents are always welcome to attend our K-6 assemblies.
We will send a list home soon about costume requirements. We have most of the costumes already but will be asking for a few pieces if anyone can loan them.

Mrs Collins    Mrs Blake

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Term 4 Week 4 Reminders

Swimming Lessons Commence on Wednesday
A reminder when packing the swimming bag to put underpants, slip on shoes, goggles, a plastic bag for wet cossies and a towel. (after the first week the swimming cap as well)
The children need to wear their swimming costumes under their sports uniform. They should also be wearing their sport shoes and hat to school.
Parents are welcome to watch the lessons; however, they need to pay the entrance fee. 
There will be no changing at the pool and the teachers usually assist children to put on goggles and swim caps. The swimming caps are given to each child to determine which group they are in. 
Swimming caps can be rinsed in fresh water and dried off with dusting talcum powder on the inside. This makes it much easier to put on the next time.
Please check goggle straps have been already fitted and adjusted to your child's head as well.

Music Excursion On Thursday 2nd November
Refer to the permission note for details.
Children need to be in full school uniform- blazers as well-as per note (sorry-correction to previous information)
Please don't send your child if they have been sick 24 hours before the excursion.

News Topic
This week's news topic is why we should all learn to swim. List at least 3 points.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Christmas Boxes

Thank you for your contributions to our Christmas Box Appeal.
The staffroom is overflowing with boxes and the foyer as well.
An estimated amount would be about 140 from the Junior School students and teachers.
The boxes will be picked up early next week.


Congratulations to our Kindergarten students who delivered their speeches to the rest of K-2.
They spoke clearly and confidently to such a large group of students and teachers.

The finalists were selected from across K-2 to go into the next round on Monday night. 
We wish them all the best.

KIndergarten Cake Day

Dear Parents,
Thank you for all the delicious goodies that were supplied today for our cake day.
The money raised was $220.25!
There were only about 3 items left after recess.



Saturday, 21 October 2017

Buddy Newspaper fun.

This week we meet with our Year 5 buddies for the first time this term and it was great to catch up again. There was so much fun, noise and excitement in the room as they created newspaper costumes. The kindy students loved being able to wear some of their costumes home. Thanks Year 5 buddies.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Term 4 Week 3 Reminders

Cake Day 27 October
A reminder that it is Kindergarten's turn to bring in cakes to sell. Please refer to the note on the parent portal.
Slice, brownies, cookies, muffins and sometimes we even have jelly cups (which the younger students enjoy) are all welcome.
The children can deliver their container to the PAC window/servery before school on Friday.
We will hand out the containers to bring home at the end of the day.

Operation Christmas Boxes
The Christmas boxes are due before or on Friday 27 October.
We appreciate your donations to this worthy charity.

News Topic
Review a book or movie. Give us a brief summary of what happens and tell us what you like about it.

The children ( and parents ) did a wonderful job in preparing and presenting their speeches in Week 2. 
We have chosen three children from each class to present their speech again on Friday to the K-2 students.

Lost Blazers
A few blazers have been misplaced recently. Could we ask everyone to check their child's blazer to see if you have the right one. Thank you.

Footwear For Swimming Lessons
Some ideas for suitable slip on shoes for swimming lessons in week 4. (Pictures borrowed from Year 1 Blog- Thanks)

Friday, 13 October 2017

Term 4 Week 2 Reminders

Dear Parents,
We have had a great week settling back into the school routine. It has been lovely to hear about all the holiday experiences.

Speeches This Week instead of News Topic
Please refer to the note on the parent portal. The children can either memorise their speech or have small palm cards with either pictures or words on it.
They can glance at the palm cards, however; they are not to read each word or sentence.
We will give those children who do not wish to present a speech formally an impromptu/surprise topic to talk about instead.
The children may do their speech on their news day.

Christmas Boxes
Please bring back your completed box before 27 October. 

School Hats and Blazers
The students must wear their hats before school, at recess and lunch and when leaving at the end of the day.
The rule 'No Hat No Play' will be reinforced this term.
Blazers are optional this term, however; they must be worn for the Presentation Day assembly.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Welcome Back! Reminders for Week 1 Term 4

Hello Everyone,
We hope all our families have had a restful and relaxing holiday.
We are looking forward to beginning new topics and rehearsing for our Kindergarten assembly item that will have a Christmas theme.
Kindergarten will also have their turn at providing cakes for cake day (Week 3) and swimming lessons will commence in Week 4.

Swimming Lessons
In past years we have found that the poncho/cape style towel with a hood is very practical (rather than carrying a towel) and is worn over the children's swimmers when travelling to the pool and back again. 
Slip on waterproof sandals/shoes are also easy to put on and take off at the pool.

News Topic
This week will be holiday news.

Public Speaking
A reminder for Kindergarten students who would like to present their one minute speech for our Public Speaking Challenge that their speech needs to be prepared and rehearsed to deliver in front of their own class from Monday 16 October (Week 2).
We would like to encourage everyone to have a go and as it's their first time, we will be giving lots of helpful positive feedback.
Please refer to the Early Stage 1 Public Speaking Challenge note for Kindergarten on the portal for details about topic and criteria used when judging each speech.

Christmas Boxes
Please return your Christmas Boxes by 27 October (Friday Week 3)
If you would like another box we have plenty of spare boxes. We would like Kindergarten to bring their boxes to the classroom as we usually do a group photo on the Friday they are due. 

Mystery Reader KP Week 10 Term 3

On the last Friday of Term 3 we had our Mystery Reader come along a read a favourite book to the class. It was Pig The Pug by Aaron Blabey. We really enjoyed listening to this very funny book.
Thanks to our Mystery Reader for coming along and sharing the book with us.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Toys That Move

We finished off our Science Unit by bringing in toys that could move in a variety of ways. The children had to say what their toy was and explain how it moved.

Kindy excursion to the Science Centre

Kindergarten had a fantastic day as we headed to the Science Centre in Wollongong. We enjoyed the movie in the planetarium and then got to explore the 2 floors of the exhibition area. It was great to push, pull and touch all of the hands on exhibits. To finish off we enjoyed the bubbles and balloon show.
Then we headed off for lunch and got to play in a great playground at Stuart Park.
Enjoy the photos of our fun day out in the following two slide shows.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Term 3 Week 9 Reminders

News Topic
Pick one of these Eric Carle animals (caterpillar, chameleon, ladybird, spider, seahorse or tortoise) and find 3 facts to tell us.
You can include a picture or photo of your animal or make a poster to go with your talk.

Reminder For Science Lesson on Tuesday 19 September

In Science, this term we have been looking at how things move (roll, slide, bounce, spin and swing).
To finish off our unit the students need to bring in a toy that can move in one of these ways. They will need to bring it in this Tuesday (19 September).
Please no remote control cars or toys with batteries.

Please talk with your child about how the toy they have chosen moves and what they may need to do to do to make it move (push, pull, drop, turn etc.)

Parent Helpers
Thank you to our parent helpers for your assistance this term.
We have appreciated your willingness to help with maths and literacy groups.
We may need some assistance Term 4 and will let you know at a later stage next term.

Excursion This Thursday 21 September
Just a reminder that your child needs to come in their sports uniform on Thursday.
They need to bring their excursion bag with morning tea, drinks and lunch and their school hat.
No need to bring the yellow folder/bag on that day.
If your child is at all unwell please do not send them on the day.
Thursday news group may do their news topic on Friday instead.

Looking forward to a fabulous last week of term.