Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Year 1 Strings Visit

Last Friday Year 1 visited us with their violins and cellos, so we could see what we will be doing next year. They performed for us and then showed us their instruments. Then we even got a turn.

Kindy at Year 6 Fete

Kindy had such fun attending the Year 6 fete. They did so many activities and helped Year 6 raise money of a charity of their choice. Thanks for the fun year 6.

Last few Mystery readers in KC

A little while ago Annabel's mum came as our Mystery reader. She shared 'Where's the Gold' by Pamela Allen with us. What a fun book.

Then last Jessica's Grandma came along and read about one of our favourite characters Pig the Pug.
This time it was the Christmas book 'Pig the Elf' by Aaron Blabey. We had a great giggle.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Week 9 Term 4

Here it is... the last week of the school year.

Costume Note
Please check the Parent Portal for details about the costume needed for next week. A coloured tee-shirt with no logos or pictures. Denim shorts or pants need to be brought in on Monday in a plastic bag, labelled with the child's name. 

Presentation Day on Wednesday
Please return permission notes for those that will or will not be leaving after the Presentation Day Assembly.
Thecoloured tee-shirt needs to be worn underneath the school uniform on Wednesday.
Blazers are to be worn for the assembly.

Work Books and Notes
Could you please send in a sturdy bag (e.g Woolies or Coles bags) to carry home the last lot of books on Tuesday.

Preparation For Year 1
On Monday and Tuesday  KC and KB will exit school via the side gate next to the PAC (where the rest of the school departs). We will dismiss them when we stop to the side of the crossing.

Looking forward to a fabulous last week,
    Mrs Collins