Friday, 28 October 2016

Week 4 Term 4 Reminders

Cake Day and Containers
Thanks for the wonderful selection of cakes on Friday.
The total money count came to $217. 
Containers will be returned on Monday.

News Topic

Bring in something that you have made and talk about how you made it.

Sound Of The Week
This week's sound is 'oi' for coin and 'oy' for toy.
Should be a nice easy one this week.

Swimming Lessons Commence On Wednesday
Please check the note for all the details.
Children must have their swimming costume on under their sport uniform. Check that towel, goggles, sport shirt, shorts, socks and shoes are all labelled.
Pack towel or hooded cape towel, slip on shoes, plastic bag for wet things and underpants in excursion bag. 
After the first week they will need their allocated swimming cap in excursion bag as well. A bit of talc powder helps to slip them on the head.
Staff will assist children with their goggles and caps.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Samaritans Purse Boxes

Well done Kindergarten, you have donated 40 boxes to Samaritans Purse Christmas appeal.These will make some little children very happy. Thanks so much to our parents for helping the students fill these boxes. These will be picked up tomorrow and then taken to those in need some time soon. I know lots of the students really enjoyed filling these boxes. Thanks again!

Kindergarten Excursion to the Science Centre.

Last week Kindergarten went on their first school excursion. We had great great fun travelling on the bus to the Science Centre in Wollongong. At the Science centre we went into the Planetarium and saw a movie on the starts and planets. We then got to explore the hands on exhibits in the centre. This will be great to refer to as we do our Science unit this term 'On the Move'. Kindergarten then went to a 'Bubbles and Balloons' show. Some students helped out with the show and there were a couple of students who were put inside a bubble. AMAZING!

We then stopped for lunch and quick play at the nearby Stuart park before heading home. It was such a busy fun filled day. We were tired and much quieter on the way back. Hope you all had a great day!

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Some Ideas for Swimming Lessons

Dear Parents,
We have found in Kindergarten over the years that it is very handy to have a towel poncho that has a hood for swimming lessons.
It can be slipped over the head (dries the hair) and the children don't trip over the edges as they tend to do with a long beach towel. They have to climb up and down the steps of the bus.
The Aldi brochure has advertised that these ponchos were going on sale tomorrow (Wednesday 26 October).
The children will also need some waterproof slip on shoes, preferably with a strap around the ankle to put back on after their lesson. The croc style plastic sandal is quite easy for them to slip on.
The above ideas are just suggestions. We hope you find the information helpful.
Swimming lessons commence next week.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Week 3 Reminders Term 4

Homework Books
We will be sending home the homework scrapbooks to stay at home as most are nearly full.
On Monday the children will receive a homework booklet with a blue cover that will include their homework for the rest of the year.
Please complete ONLY the weekly tasks and look for 'Week 3', 'Week 4' etc as a guide to which pages to complete.
The Home Reader Journals will continue as usual.

Operation Christmas Box
The boxes are due back at school by Thursday 27 October.
Thank you for helping out with this charity.

Cake Day
Cake day is this Friday 28 October.
Thank you in advance for baking the goods for Friday. The children will need 50c to purchase a cake.

News Topic

What are some fun activities that you like to do at the beach? You may bring 2-3 photos or draw a picture to show.

Sound Of the Week
‘ow’ as in cow and ‘ou’ as in house

Congratulations to everyone for having a go at delivering a speech during the week and for those who were brave enough to compete today.
We will be informing the children who will be progressing to the next semi-final 'speak off' early this week so that they can polish up their speech.