Friday, 23 September 2016

Happy Holidays

Holiday Diary
The children received a diary to write in over the holidays. If they have the time to fill in a few things, we would like to see them when school returns next term. It might encourage them to do a little writing over the break.

We had a wonderful assembly today and celebrated the achievements of others. Congratulations to those who received their Principal Award.

Farewell to Mrs Vandenhaak. We gave her a bunch of flowers and everyone signed the card. We will miss her!

It was lovely to see the boys all working together on their Lego creation. (They asked for a photo!)

We would like to wish all our families a safe and restful holiday. 
See you next term!
Mrs Collins      Mrs Blake

A visit from 2D

On Thursday KB had a visit from 2D. They had created their own Mandarin books with symbols and pictures and wanted to read them to Kinder.
Thanks 2D for visiting us!

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Mrs Vandehaak's last day

Dear Parents,
Our beloved and hardworking teacher's aide is leaving Inaburra tomorrow (Friday 23 September) to work closer to home.
She has worked in the Kindergarten rooms taking small groups and assisting whenever and wherever possible.
We have really appreciated her help this year and in past years as well.
As a last minute idea, we will make a card for all the students to sign and if anyone has any flowers growing in their garden we would like to put together a combined bunch/posy to give to her.
If you have any flowers we would appreciate some that you can spare.
Leanne Blake     Nicole Collins

Saturday, 17 September 2016

KC Mystery Reader weeks 7 and 8

In week 7 Toby's Grandma can to share a story with us. She brought along Titus's Troublesome Tooth by Linda Jennings. This was a great story for kindergarten as we are all experiencing loose and wobbly teeth ourselves. It was such a fun book.

In week Mr Pratsas shared a beautiful book called Davy & Duckling by Margaret Wild. This book had gorgeous pictures and we really enjoyed this sweet story. Thanks Mr Pratsas.

Last Week of Term 3 reminders (Week 9)

Library Books
Please return all library books on Monday. The children won't be borrowing any books over the holidays.

Yellow Bags
Please check the yellow bags that may contain notes or student's work. We will be having a big clean out of chair bags and will be sending items home that have accumulated over the term.

Kindergarten Excursion Note
The children will be receiving an excursion note this week. The excursion will occur next term in week 2.
The permission note needs to be filled in and returned to school by week 1, Term 4 or return to school as soon as possible. If you have any concerns or queries about the excursion please email or come and see us.

Parent Helper Roster Term 4
Thank you again to our volunteers for all your assistance this term and for those who have returned the sign up sheet for next term. 
The roster has been finalised and will be sent home this week.
We had limited spots for next term. If you missed out and would like to still help in some way, let us know via email and we can put your name down as a reserve or possibly as a helper for Wednesday art lessons.

Sound Of The Week
The sound this week is 'or' as in the word fork. Please find some items or pictures for our sound table.

News Topic
Pick one of these Eric Carle animals (caterpillar, chameleon, ladybird, spider or tortoise) and find 3 facts to tell us. A picture or poster may assist your talk.

Operation Christmas Boxes
We have started receiving some completed boxes already (thanks) and have had a peek inside to see what items are there. Have fun filling them up over the holidays and please return them by Thursday 27 October.

K-6 Assembly this Friday in the PAC at 11:00am. Parents are welcome to attend.

KB Mystery Reader Week 8

On Friday we had Xander's mum come as our Mystery Reader. She read to the class Piranha's Don't Eat Bananas by Aaron Blabey. It is a favourite book from book week and the children loved all the funny drawings and text.
Thanks for spending some time with us Mrs Yee.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Money Money Money!

This week Kinder have been learning about money in mathematics. 
On Friday the 'shop' was open for business in maths groups and each child was given a small amount of toy money to use. They had to add up coins to purchase plastic fruit and vegetables. It was an enjoyable way to learn about money and addition.

 coin dominoes
 notes and coins on the ipads

 money bingo

 The Shop!
 money bingo
 money card game

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Week 8 Term 3 Reminders

Just a Reminder....
Library bags and books for Monday's lesson.
Sport shoes for PE on Tuesday.
Canteen is on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Crunch and Sip is every day except Wednesdays.

News Topic

Tell us how you would spend $5 if you were given it as a gift. Remember it is only $5.

Sound Of The Week
This week's sound is 'ir' as in shirt. Please find some pictures or items for our sound table.

Parent Helpers For Term 4
We will be sending home the Parent Helper sheet to sign up for Term 4 this week. Please return it as soon as possible so that we can put together the roster.

Mystery Readers For Term 4
If you haven't had a turn at being a Mystery Reader and would like to have the opportunity next term, please email us and we will start putting together some dates. 

Friday, 9 September 2016

KB Mystery Reader Week 7

On Friday we had Kyle's dad as our Mystery Reader. KB were given the opportunity to choose from two books (Action Man or The Hulk) and chose The Hulk. A story about how we can all try to do our best no matter what life throws at us.
Thank you Mr Patterson for spending some time with us today.

KB Learning About Fractions

Hello Everyone,
This week we have been learning about Fractions (halves).
Kindergarten enjoyed participating in a variety of 'hands-on' activities.
Enjoy the photos.