Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Mystery Readers For Term 3

Dear Parents, Grandparents and Friends,
If you would like to be a Mystery Reader for next term, please add your name to the list for your class.
Click on  one of the links below.
Type your name into the document. It will automatically save.
Thank you,
Mrs Leanne Blake and Nicole Collins

KB Mystery Reader

KC Mystery Reader

Athletic Infants Day Novelty Events

Hello Everyone,
K-2 had a very enjoyable afternoon of novelty events on the Junior School field on Tuesday.
After the novelty events the children had a running race (boys and girls for each grade) and all received a 'well done' ribbon
Thanks to Mrs Agren for organising and running the events.

KB and 5B Buddies

We had a very creative session making newspaper creations.
KB had a discussion with their buddy about their favourite character and the buddy had to transform them.
It was a very noisy, messy and creative time and a great way to finish off the term with our buddies.
Enjoy the slideshow.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Week 10 Term 2 Reminders

Athletic Carnival on Tuesday 28 June.
Please refer to the note for all the details on Tuesday.
Looking forward to a fine day.

Parent and Grandparent Helpers
Thank you to all our helpers from this term.
The new roster for next term will be sent home this week and placed in the roster tab on this blog as well. 

No Sound Of The Week Table
We will be revising all the sounds from the term instead.

News Topic
Free choice.
Tuesday news people can do their news on either Thursday or Friday this week due to the Athletic Carnival.

Parent Interviews and Student Portfolios
Parent Interviews will be on Monday and Thursday. If you were unable to book a time on those days, we can arrange another time to meet.
We hope you enjoyed looking at your child's portfolio and their assessments as well as discussing with them their report. It is always helpful to praise your child's efforts with positive comments and if necessary work together on some achievable goals for the future.
We would like to collect the portfolios at the interview so that they can be used for the next semester's assessments.

Thank you,
Leanne Blake     Nicole Collins

KB Mystery Reader and Creative Creations

Today we had Lynn (Amelia's grandmother) visit KB as our Mystery Reader. She read us a story called What Makes A Rainbow ? It was a very cute book with coloured ribbons for each colour of the rainbow.
Thank you Lynn for spending some time with KB this Friday.

Our favourite Friday session of creative play produced some amazing creations this week. There was a telescope, mobile phone, boat, space ship, bag and frame, treasure boxes, drawings, camera, dog, ladybeetle, picture frame and other imaginative ideas.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Staying Alive Science Lesson

Our lesson today in Science focussed on items in Mrs Collin's backpack that would be essential for staying alive on a camping trip.
The children were asked to sort the items into either the red hoop (non-essential) or the green hoop (essential).
We had some interesting discussions about what was really needed for survival.

Parent Helper Replies for Term 3

Dear Parents and Grandparents,
If you are planning on helping next term but haven't returned your purple note could you please email Mrs Blake the days you are available. (
I am in the process of putting the roster together.
Leanne Blake

Monday, 20 June 2016

Library Wish List For Book Fair

Dear Parents,
In library today the children were allowed to look at the books for sale for the Book Fair and choose 4 books for their pink wish list. 
We explained that it was not compulsory and it was a suggestion only. 
If you would like to purchase any books the Book Fair will be open in the library during the interview afternoons and credit card facility or cash will be available.
If you would rather send in the white order form by the Thursday 30/6 that is another option; however only cash in an envelope will be accepted.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

KC Mystery reader for Weeks 6 and 7

In week 6 Mrs de Vries came to visit as our Mystery reader. She read Splat the Cat by Rob Scotton.
What a fun book

In week 7 Mr Collins came as our Mystery Reader. He even used the smart board to share his story 'The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister with us.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Week 9 Term 2 Reminders

Parent Helpers For Term 3
Thank you to our team of helpers this term.
We have sent home a purple sheet for volunteers for groups next term. If you or a family member are available to come and help please return the form by Thursday 23 June.
All helpers have to have a brief chat with Mr Coote if they haven't seen him already.

Sounds Of The Week
This week our sounds are ‘x’ as in x-ray, ‘q’ as in queen, ‘z’ as in zoo. We understand that these are difficult sounds to find. A picture will suffice.

News Topic
Favourite activity in Winter. Inside or outside. What clothes do you wear, what food or drink would you have? Photos, real items or a short video on a USB thumb drive will all be appreciated.

Merit Awards
If your child has received 6 merit awards they are eligible for a Principals Award. Return the 6 awards to the office or class teacher for signing and your child will receive their Principal Award at the next K-6 assembly.

A Home For Nippy the Crab
We will be sadly farewelling our class pet at the end of the term. If a family would like to adopt Nippy please email us by Monday 27 June. (We will be keeping the cage and food bowls etc for next year. These items can be bought at the local Pet Barn or an empty fish tank can be used)
We can give you all the instructions and advice needed for keeping it. If we have a lot of willing families, we will draw a name out of a 'hat'.

KB Mystery Reader Week 8

On Friday we had Myles' dad visit KB as our Mystery Reader. He read a book called Clancy and Millie and the Very Fine House by Libby Gleeson. Clancy made a new friend (Millie) after he had moved to a new house. They had a wonderful time making things from all the moving boxes.
Thank you Mr Manson for spending some time with us this week.

Science and Craft

Kindergarten have been discussing shelters this week in our Staying Alive Science unit.
Some volunteers were asked to demonstrate sharing a small space together on a piece of newspaper. It was a bit of fun and rather squashy. We discussed the importance of shelters and the things people need to live comfortably.

In art and craft this week we made 'Lovely Lamps' to tie in with our sound of the week.
Here are some lovely lamps!
and... some jars of jelly beans from last week.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Week 8 Term 2 Reminders

Sound Of The Week
This week's sounds are ‘L l’ as in leg. ‘Vv’ as in van. Please find some items from home for our sound table.

News Topic and History Lesson on Tuesday

Bring in something from the past (artefact) and explain who owned it and why it is special. (examples: old doll or toy, medals, clock, old phone, tools, wooden pencil case, suitcase, christening gown or  one photo of something old.)
Could everyone please bring in these items on Tuesday? They can leave them at school until it is their News day. We will be discussing how artefacts tell us about the past and will be using these items in Tuesday's history lesson.
Thank you

New Athletic Permission Notes
Please return the new permission notes for the rescheduled athletic carnival.

We hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend. 
Mrs Collins     Mrs Blake