Friday, 29 April 2016

Term 2 Week 2 Reminders

Hello Everyone,
We have a busy week ahead. Please take the time to read through the following reminders.

Parent Helpers and literacy groups commence this week. Please note that Wednesday groups will not operate due to the children purchasing Mother's Day gifts in that time.

Wednesday 4 May
Mother's Day breakfast before school from 7:45-8:25am. Please RVSP if you are coming book through the Trybooking site.
Children can purchase gifts for $6 for their mothers at the stall later on in the day. 

Sound Of The Week
This term we will be looking at two sounds each week. Children can bring in an item for one or both of the sounds.
This week our sounds are 'o' as in on and 'n' as in net.

News Topic

My favourite animal. You can talk about what it eats, where it lives, if it is a pet how do you care for it, exercise, keeping it healthy. Bring in pictures, make a poster, a video on a thumbdrive etc to add to your talk.

Sight Words
We will commence learning sight words as part of the homework.
Please cut the words off the homework sheet and use them as flash cards to practise them as often as possible. They can be laminated or copied to make games such as Memory/Pairs and Snap.

Fete and Open Day Saturday 7 May
Please read the note on the parent portal. Everyone is encouraged to attend and the children will be singing in the K-2 choir in the PAC. They will need to dropped off at 8:50am at the front of the stage in the PAC. They can wear their play clothes, uniform is not required. Teachers will be there to supervise.
The performance commences at 9:00am. 
Please collect your child after the choir has sung in the drama room which is at the eastern end of the foyer. If you would like to go back into the PAC to watch the rest of the performances you are welcome to do that or come over to the Kindergarten rooms to view samples of work displayed.
We request that books or art work are not to be touched or moved from the display. Individual books for each student can be viewed at another time. Please supervise your children when they are in the classrooms. You are welcome to visit other classrooms as well.
We hope you have a very enjoyable day.

KB Mystery Reader Week 1

Today we had Xander's dad come to read to our class. He read a story called Small Knight and George by Rhonda Armitage. It's about Small Knight who doesn't want to fight a dragon and would rather stay at home and play kick-a-ball with his friends. He doesn't even know what a dragon looks like. 
We enjoyed all the different voices that Mr Yee could do during the reading. Thank you for spending some time with KB today.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Welcome To Term 2

Hello Everyone,
Welcome back after a two week break. We hope that all our families had a restful and well earned break from the school routine.
There are a few things to note for this week.

News Topic
Have your holiday photos (or email them) and talk ready for Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. We will ensure that everyone will have a turn over those 3 days.

Homework Week 1
Homework this week will consist of the Home Reader, Mathletics and Reading Eggs. Sounds Of the Week will commence next week.

Winter Uniform
Winter uniform is to be worn on the return to school. Blazers are required as the outer garment when arriving and departing school each day.

Donations For Fete and Open Day
We are accepting donations for the Fete. Please bring in a packet of lollies for the Kindergarten contribution.

Mystery Readers
We will notify our Mystery Readers by email. Thanks to all the parents who are willing to give it a go this term.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Creative Play

Our Kindys are always very creative and love exploring new ideas and creating interesting and unusual pieces to tell a story.
We have some budding doctors and willing patients as well.

Mathletics Champions and Maths Activities

Congratulations to our Mathletics champions who reached the bronze level and received their certificates today. 

There was also lots of learning and reinforcing of o'clock time and numbers in maths activities today.

 Numbers 1-20 pegged on the line in order.
o'clock bingo
 roll the dice and make the time
 time activities on the ipads
 Alien Antics- number identification
This group worked as a team and reached 20 before the bell. Well done!

Fine Motor Skills

Hello Everyone,
This week we added a few new activities to strengthen little fingers.
Squeezing pegs by hanging up washing and buttoning up shirts.
It was a lot of fun as the children had a sand glass timer to finish the task before the sand ran out. 

Friday, 1 April 2016

Week 11 Reminders

Hello Everyone,
We have made it to the last week of a long term for Kindergarten.
The children have come a long way with their learning and have quickly adapted to the school routine. Some have even memorised the daily timetable and class roll.

Photos For Monday PD Lesson
Just another reminder that Mrs Agren would like three photos, baby, toddler and actual age for her lesson on Monday. They can be emailed to her ( or to Mrs Collins or Mrs Blake if more convenient.

News Topic
In the holidays I will........

A slight variation to homework this week. Children will still do their daily home reader and will be given their Mathletics Logins to do some set maths work at home. More info to come on Monday.

Lollies for Fete Day
Please send in lollies for fete day. We are collecting them in the classroom. Thanks.

Holiday Photo for News Next Term
During the holidays could you take a photo of an activity or place stayed at for the children to use for their news in the first week of next term.

Parent Helper Roster
There are still some vacancies if you would like to offer to help next term. See the roster attached at the top tab of this page.

Mystery Readers Next Term
We will put together a roster of dates early next term for the parents who are on the list. If any dates are unsuitable please let us know and we can swap people around.

Wishing everyone a very enjoyable and restful holiday.
Mrs Collins       Mrs Blake

KB Mystery Reader Week 10

Today our Mystery Reader was Ms Milne (Chloe's mum).
We listened to the story The Very Brave Bear by Nick Bland. He tried all sorts of 'brave' activities with his friend Boris the buffalo.
The children thought about some things that they might have been scared to try and then were really brave and had a go.
Thank you to Ms Milne for sharing the book with us today.