Monday, 29 February 2016

A Handy Guide to Developmental Stages

Dear Parents,
Please find below some helpful information sent to staff today from the school counsellor.
The post was by Hey Sigmund.
To read about other ages click on the link.

Five years old.

  • Will understand the importance of rules but might divert from the rules when playing. Rules tend to be ‘flexible’ – for them at least.
  • May accuse others of cheating if they don’t win a game.
  • Will start to show empathy and an understanding that other people might have points of view that are different to their own. 
  • Will be able to share but might still find it difficult, especially when it comes to their special things.
  • Might be afraid of failure, criticism and spooky things like ghosts or monsters.
  • Attention span will start to increase which will impact on the type of discussions you are able to have with them.
  • Might come across as being an ‘expert’ on everything. 
  • Will enjoy joking around and will start to develop ‘potty’ humour.
  • Will be looking to make their own decisions, particularly around what to wear and what to eat.
  • If starting at school, might be moodier, more sensitive or more tired than usual. It’s exhausting having to sit still and concentrate for long periods.
The support they need.
  • Encourage anything that will get your child moving, particularly if it is in a group or a team with others. This will help your child to develop important skills like taking turns, getting along with others, working together, negotiating, compromising, and winning or losing graciously.
  • Set aside time each day to play with your child or spend one on one time together. This will give your child the opportunity to let you into their world, which will always be one of the best places to be. From here you can get a feel for what is going on in their beautifully flourishing minds.
  • Start to expand your child’s emotional literacy by naming and discussing feelings.
  • Connect rewards to responsibilities. ‘How about you help me clear the table and then you can have dessert?’
  • Continue to keep rules simple and try not to have too many.

Six years old.

  • It’s pretty likely that they will know a lot more than you. Just ask them.
  • May start tantruming again.
  • Can start to test the limits but will still want to please you and help out.
  • Will seek praise for their school work and for the good things they do.
  • Will seek to master new skills and to feel competent.
  • Might worry about being away from you.
The support they need.
  • Encourage their efforts and acknowledge when they have worked hard.
  • Encourage effort over outcome to help them develop a growth mindset and a strong self-belief in their capacity to achieve.
  • Ensure they get the support they need if they are struggling at school. 
  • Avoid overpraise or meaningless praise and let them know that they are special, but so are other people.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Week 5 Mystery Reader in KC

It was great to have another dad come as our Mystery reader today. Mr Page (Jessica's dad) came and shared 'Pig The Fibber' by Aaron Blabey with us. it was such a funny story, we shared a few giggles. Jessica told us which part was her favourite. I wonder if Pig the Pug has learnt his lesson, will he stop fibbing?
Thanks Mr Page, it was lot of fun.

Teddy Bears Picnic (KC and buddies)

On Thursday this week we had a terrific time at our Teddy Bear's picnic. It was a great way to remember our 't' sound for the week and have fun with our buddies. We enjoyed reading teddy bear stories and making teddy bear cars to eat. We also looked terrific, in the teddy masks that we made.
Enjoy the fun in the following photos and photo montage.

Week 6 Reminders

Hello Everyone,
The weeks are flying past and we are already half way through the term. Let's hope we get some cooler weather soon!

Sound Of The Week
Please bring in something from home starting with 'i'. It can make the sound 'i' as in insect or 'i' as in ice. Some ideas could be some pictures of insects, indians, igloos, iguana, ice-cream cone, insect repellent, ice, iron. 

Cake Day on this Friday 4 March
Please check the cake day note on the Parent Portal.

K-6 Assembly in the PAC this Friday at 11:00am. Parents are welcome to attend.

Home Readers Commence
The children will bring home their first reader in their yellow bag to read overnight and return the next day. Each day they will swap their book for a different one. Home Readers will be taken home Monday to Thursday. There are some helpful tips for helping your child to learn to read in the Home Reading Log as well as the tab at the top of this blog.
Fill in the  Home Reading Log with the title of the book and any comments. See the example below.
Please cover the Reading Log with clear contact to help it stay together throughout the year.

KB's Mystery Reader for Week 5

Today we had our first grandparent (Joyce - Beth's grandmother) visit as our Mystery Reader.
KB listened to the story Fearless by Colin Thompson. It was about a dog called Fearless who was afraid of lots of things but who scared away a thief.
Thank you to Joyce for visiting us today. 

Bibles For Kindergarten

On Thursday, Mr Coote came to visit the kindergarten classrooms to present each child with a children's storybook bible.
We pray that each child will enjoy listening to the bible stories and learn more about God.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Teddy Bear's Picnic (KB and buddies)

We all had a wonderful time with the Teddy Bear Picnic.
The big kids and little kids enjoyed making 'teddy cars' to eat and sharing their bear books with each other.
Hope you enjoy our photos from today.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Opera Australia

Yesterday K-2 had the privilege of being able to experience Opera Australia's
Performance of Hansel and Gretel. It was fun to see the show and listen to a performance of opera, something many of us have not done before. Very entertaining and funny. 

Teddy Bear Picnic

The Teddy Bear Picnic will be on this Thursday 25 February.
Please bring your teddy and a bear book if you have one.
Looking forward to a shared experience with the Year 5 buddies.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Reminders Week 5

Here are the reminders for Week 5.

Sound of The Week
Please bring in something for our sound table from home starting with the sound 't' as in tap.
We are also planning a teddy bear picnic with our Year 5 buddies. We will be asking the children to bring in a teddy bear and a bear book (if you have one) for the picnic. We will advise the day/date soon.

Oz Opera
The children will attend an opera performance on Monday instead of choir that is appropriate for their age group. 

Library Day is on Monday.

Joggers on Tuesday

Canteen on Tuesday and Thursday

Friday, 19 February 2016

KC's Mystery Reader in Week 4.

Today we had our first Dad as a Mystery Reader. Mr Harding (Drew) came and shared 'Hugless Douglas' by David Melling. We heard a very cute and funny story with a fantastic bear voice. We then talked about who we liked to get hugs from. Mum's and Dad's you are very special, as it seems you get lots of hugs! This was such a fun book.

KC's Mystery Reader from last week

Last week Mrs Rogers came and shared the classic Mem Fox book 'Possum Magic' with KC. It was such fun listening to this great Australian story, with lots of discussion about Australian food and animals. Thanks Mrs Rogers. (sorry this was not posted last week, there seems to have been a technical issue)

Smiley Biscuits

Hello Everyone,
In Kindergarten this week we have been learning about the sound 's'. The children have made snails and snakes in art and craft and to finish off the week, smiley biscuits! Yum! They also completed a worksheet illustrating the step by step procedure of how to make a 'smiley biscuit'. 

Dancing In Music Lesson

KB and KC were having a wonderful time with Mrs Lee during their music lesson on Tuesday.
Enjoy the two videos.

KB's Mystery reader for Week 4

Our Mystery Reader this week was Mrs Searles (Judah's mum). KB laughed and giggled as they listened to a very funny book called The Book With No Pictures by B J Novak. 
Thank you to Mrs Searles for sharing one of Judah's favourite books with us.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Week 4 Reminders

Hello Everyone,

Kindergarten are really starting to settle into the school routine. 
This week, the Year 5 and 6 helpers will still be available to greet and escort any students who need a helping hand coming into school. 

Please return any notes regarding pick up arrangements and the Walk to Billa Road Oval permission note as soon as possible.

Sound Of The Week
This week the sound is 's' as in sun. Please bring in one item from home that starts with 's'.

Parent/Teacher Interviews Tuesday 16 and Thursday 18 February
At the interviews we will be discussing briefly any goals or information you would like to share about your child. Please be aware that we are booked for each ten minute session and if a longer interview is needed we will make another time to continue the discussion.

Reading Eggs Login Sheet
We sent home the Reading Eggs information for password and login details. The children may start the program (no reading pretest necessary). The first sound is 'm' which will reinforce last week's sound done in class.

K-6 Assembly This Friday
Parents are welcome to attend the K-6 assembly held in the PAC. It commences at 11:00 am. Access the back rows by going up the stairs in the foyer.

Library on Monday
KB and KC had their first library lesson last week and had to practise saying their first and last name for borrowing books. This week they will be borrowing books. Remember your library bag!

Have a great week,
Mrs Collins   Mrs Blake

KB's Mystery Reader Week 3

KB's Mystery Reader this week was Mrs Veleski (Tori's mum).
We all enjoyed listening to the story The Tiger Who Came To Tea by Judith Kerr.
Here are a few photos to enjoy.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Week 3 photos

Hello Everyone,

Here are a few photos from this week.

Kinder enjoying their recess altogether.

KC's Sound Of The Week table.
A great selection from home of things starting with 'm'.

KB's Sound Of The Week table.
Thanks for bringing in lots of interesting items for us to talk about.