Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Last Reminders for Thursday 3 December

Dear Parents,

Just a few last minute reminders.

  • No Crunch and Sip tomorrow
  • Blazers need to be brought to school tomorrow and will be worn during the Presentation Day Assembly.
  • Black tee-shirts to be worn under school uniform
  • At the conclusion of the assembly, we will walk the class back over to the classroom. The children that are going home with parents or grandparents can collect their school bag and uniform and then depart. Parents can come to the classroom to pick up their child. We may need a few minutes to hand out their bags.
  • Your child's headphones have been taken into the Year 1 rooms ready for next year.
Thank you for your very generous gifts. We feel very spoilt.
We would also like to wish all our families a very safe and restful holiday and a happy Christmas.

                                 Mrs Collins       Mrs Blake