Sunday, 26 April 2015

This Week in Kinder

Hello Everyone,
What a terrible week of weather! It was an interesting and challenging start to the term. Kindy certainly enjoyed playing inside during recess and lunch with all the toys on our wettest days. We even had a fun session of Zumba in the classroom on Wednesday for sport.

This week we have read stories about ANZAC day and made a wreath with poppies.
We also had a special ANZAC assembly to remember our brave soldiers.
Here are a few photos of the wreaths.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Week 2 Reminders

Sounds Of The Week
This week the sounds are 'Pp' as in panda and 'Ee' as in elephant.
Please bring in some items for our sound table.

News Topic for Week 2
This week we would like the students to pick their favourite animal to talk about. Does it belong in the zoo? or on a farm? is it a pet?
What does it eat? Anything special about your animal? Pictures, photos, drawings etc can be brought in to compliment the talk.

Pet Found for Science unit
We have an offer of a Hermit Crab for our Science unit. 

Library Bag
Don't forget your library bag on Monday as we will commence borrowing again this term.

Parent Helpers
Please check the roster to see if you are helping in the classroom this week. Thanks.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Welcome Back To Term 2

Hello Everyone,
Welcome back to another busy and exciting term. We trust you all had a relaxing break from the usual school routine and enjoyed some family time.
There are a few changes this term to be aware of in the following information.

We will be introducing two phonemes each week. This week (Week 1) the phonemes will be 'o' as in frog and 'n' as in net. Please bring in items for either one phoneme or both for the sound table.

We will also be commencing 'high frequency words' as part of the students' homework. Their worksheet will be divided into two parts so that the 'high frequency words' can be cut out and used as flash cards and then displayed at home. Other ideas for the flashcards at home are to make two copies and play Memory, Pairs or Snap with them. Copy them and try writing them without looking.
Learning these words will assist the reader to recall and identify them quickly as they read new books.

Fete Day
Please bring in a bag of lollies for the fete if you haven't done so already.

News Day
The news topic this week is My Holidays.....Bring in a few photos to show the class or some on a USB stick to share with the class makes the talk interesting.
If your child has their news day on Monday, come prepared to talk on one of the other days of the week.

Class Pet For Science
We are commencing our new science unit called 'What's Alive'. The unit suggests a class pet that we can monitor and discuss it's needs. If there is anyone that would be willing to loan us a small pet such as a mouse, bird, guinea pig or rabbit with it's cage for a week or a few weeks we would appreciate it.
Please have a chat with your child's class teacher if this may be possible.

Prac Teacher on KB
We are fortunate to have Mrs Joanne Pollard joining KB for the first two weeks of this term. She will be observing and assisting with the classroom activities.

Looking forward to great term of learning,
Mrs Collins         Mrs Blake

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Nursery Rhyme Time.

This term Kindergarten have been looking at some different nursery rhymes. To complete this unit we looked at all the rhymes we had done and then, in groups, performed them for the rest of the class. With a little bit of practice, this is what we came up with. Hope you enjoy the video.
Have a Happy Easter and a nice break. See you after the holidays.
Mrs Collins and Mrs Blake.