Friday, 30 October 2015

Public Speaking

Dear Parents,
Thank you for helping to prepare your child's speech and for guiding them through the process.
It was a difficult decision to pick only three. We found it so hard that we ended up with four kindergarten children for the Speak Offs on Tuesday.

Congratulations to Amelia, Milton, Jude and Alana. They delivered their speeches with amazing confidence for their first time in front of a big audience.
Mrs Lee was our judge and gave the students some valuable tips for next time. 

Term 4 Week 5 reminders

News  Topic
Bring in a toy that can moves (eg. Push, pull and roll). Demonstrate and talk about how it moves. 
All toys need to come to school by Wednesday even if your news day isn't until Thursday or Friday. We need them for our Science lesson.

Sound Of the Week
Our sound of the week is 'ear' as in ear and 'eer' as in deer. Hope you can think of something or a picture will suffice.

Swimming Lessons Commence on Wednesday
A reminder to pack in the excursion bag.

  • underwear 
  • goggles
  • a plastic bag for wet things
  • towel or towelling poncho or towelling gown to be worn to the pool
  • slip on shoes
  • (your child will be given a swimming cap after the first lesson, please write their name on it) Include it in the bag next week. Dust and dry off wet cap with talcum powder on the inside so it is easy to slip on the head next time.
On the day swimming costume is to be worn under sports uniform on arrival at school with sports shoes/socks. Rash tops and board shorts are not needed and the child can get quite chilled with the extra layers. Include jumper or jacket on cool days.

Please label everything including sport socks, underwear, towels goggles, sport shirts and shorts (very important!)We have a lot of lost property otherwise. Imagine 22 boys changing in one classroom! and 14 girls in the other room. There are a lot of shoes, socks and clothes that are identical! Help your child to practise putting on sports socks by themselves.

Parents are welcome to attend but have to pay the entrance fee. We ask that you sit on the seats at the side of the pool. Teachers need to have all children sitting on the tiered steps as a group. Teachers will assist with googles and caps (we have had lots of practise too :) ) The teachers will be supervising lessons as they occur in the pool.

Thank you for your assistance with all the details. We can assure you that they have a wonderful time and become quite efficient in changing back at school.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

KB Mystery Reader Change to Tuesdays

Dear Parents,
There are some opportunities for you to volunteer as our Mystery Reader on Tuesday afternoons from 2pm.
If you would like to do it please email Mrs Blake at 
Remember not to tell your child as it's a big surprise.
You can choose a favourite picture book from home to read to the class. Mrs Blake will do the crowd control and manage the questions afterwards. We will take some photos of the experience.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Mrs Blake

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Toys That Move

Hello Everyone,
Just a request for next week. Could your child please bring in a toy that moves as part of their News Topic and we will also require the same toy for Science on Wednesday. Therefore we will need all toys on Wednesday for the Science lesson.
Thank you,
Mrs Collins  and Mrs Blake

Parent Teacher Cocktail Evening

Dear Parents,

Just a reminder about the Parent and Teacher cocktail evening.
It's on Monday 9 November at 6pm. Bookings made through and follow the prompts. It costs $35pp.
Looking forward to seeing you there if you can make it.

Nicole Collins    Leanne Blake

Sunday, 25 October 2015

KC's first 'Mystery Reader'

On Friday afternoon a 'Mystery Reader' came to visit KC. The students were waiting with anticipation as they did not know who was coming and what they were going to read to them.
At 2pm there was a knock at the door and we discovered that our 'Mystery Reader' was Mr Coote.
KC then had a lovely time with Mr Coote as he shared one of his favourite books 'Grandpa and Thomas and the Green Umbrella' by Pamela Allen.  It was a great opportunity to share the love of books and reading. Enjoy the photos below.

If you would like to be a 'Mystery Reader' please contact the class teacher.
KC will have Mystery Reader on Friday afternoons at 2pm  - please email Mrs Collins -
KB will have 'Mystery Reader' at a time to be advised - please contact Mrs Blake regarding your availability.
Anyone is welcome to be a Mystery Reader, even if you haven't completed the parent helper course.
Dad's, mum's, and Grandparents are welcome. The class teacher will help throughout the process, you just need to bring along and read your favourite picture book. Remember it is a secret so don't tell your child.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Term 4 Week 4 Reminders

Congratulations to Ben on his efforts in the 3km Sharks Fun Run.

Swimming Note
The swimming note was sent home on Friday. 
Please be aware that there is a slight change to what Kindergarten children need to bring. We request that the children come to school dressed in their sports uniform with the swimming costume on underneath. Before we leave for the pool, the children take off their sports uniform and can wear a poncho/hooded style towel or a towelling gown over their costume or carry their towel. They will also need to change into 'croc' style waterproof slip-on shoes or sandals.
When we return to school the boys and girls will change in separate rooms back into their underwear, sports uniform, socks and joggers for the rest of the day.
In past years this method has been very successful as changing at the pool takes a very long time. Please include a plastic bag for wet gear. The children also become very efficient in changing on their own.
If you have any queries please ask your child's teacher. We will send home a small note next week as an added reminder.

Sound Of the Week
The sound of the week is 'oy' as in boy. We hope you can find some things from around the house for our sound table.

A big thank you!
Kindergarten raised $182. 95 from the cake day. Thanks to the parents who had to stay up late waiting for cakes to cool before icing them. We know :) and we appreciate your efforts!! They were delicious and the whole primary school enjoyed eating them at recess.

News Topic
No preparation needed this week. We will have a 'surprise' topic each day and will ask each child to just make up a short talk on the spot.

Kinder Assembly Item
We have had a few enquiries about our assembly item that we are currently rehearsing. Parent are welcome to attend the K-6 Assembly on Friday 13 November at 11:00am in the PAC.

Fun and Learning with KB

KB enjoyed listening to stories read to them by their buddies last week.
Here are a few photos.


We have also been busy creating some art work in the style of Ken Done's Fireworks.
Here are KB preparing the crayon base to be painted over in black paint later on.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Term 4 Week 3 Reminders

News Topic/Speeches
Please refer to the note about speeches that is on the parent portal.
Although the speech competition is not compulsory for Kindergarten, we would still like to encourage everyone to have a go this week in our news time. 
Small prompt cards with bullet points or pictures is helpful. Speeches should not be read word for word. We would like each child to aim for one minute.
Mrs Collins and Mrs Blake will select a few speeches that may go onto the next stage for K-2 speeches if the child feels confident about doing the speech in front on others.
If you have any queries feel free to email us.
We are aiming for this to be a new experience but not a stressful one. 

Farm Animal Costumes
We are seeking some child size costumes to borrow for our assembly item in week 6.
We are after any farm animal costumes (e.g cow, horse, dog, duck, donkey, sheep onesies or something similar?)
We would also like to borrow any dressing gowns that are plain (no logos or pictures) or if they have stripes.
Please bring in as soon as possible for us to sort out.

Cake Day
Please check your child's yellow bag for the cake day note. It is our turn for supplying cakes on Friday.
Looking forward to eating some delicious cakes!!
Thank you in advance for your support. 

Sound Of The Week
The sound of the week is 'ow' as in cow and 'ou' as in house. Please bring in items from home for the sound table.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Farm Animal Costumes Needed

Dear Parents,
We are seeking some child size costumes to borrow for our assembly item in week 6.
We are after any farm animal costumes (e.g cow, horse, dog, duck, donkey, sheep onesies or something similar?)
We would also like to borrow any dressing gowns that are plain (no logos or pictures) or if they have stripes.
Please bring in as soon as possible for us to sort out.


Mrs Collins   Mrs Blake

Friday, 9 October 2015

More Photos from Eric Carle Virtual Excursion

Term 4 Week 2 Reminders

Sound Of the Week
This week's sound of the week is 'ng' as in king. We hope you can look around at home and bring in some things!

News Topics For This Term
Please remember that hats are to be worn to school and worn home at the end of the day.

Parent helper roster  commences this week for groups.

Walking Into School
Please encourage your child to walk into school by themselves. They are all getting ready for Year 1 and learning to be independent!  Thank you for your support.

Carle Museum Virtual Excursion

This morning Kindergarten went on a virtual excursion to the Eric Carle Museum in Massachusetts. They were able to ask questions about Eric's books and show some samples of their art. 
Courtney showed us some wonderful pictures and we had a preview of the new book to be released.
A big thank you to Mr Host for organising this experience as it was the first time we have linked up with them and it was also a first for the museum.
We had a wonderful time and we hope you enjoy the video.

Here are some other photos taken from the video.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Term 4 Week 1 Reminders

Welcome back everyone!

Here are a few reminders for this week.

  • No sound of the week or homework as it is a short week.

  • Sports uniform for Wednesday and then Summer uniform this term. Hats every day!

  • News this week is all about your holidays. Be prepared to share some things you did. Bring back your holiday journal if you have completed it and use it for your news!

We are looking forward to another terrific term. 
Mrs Blake     Mrs Collins