Friday, 19 June 2015

Happy Holidays

What a great term this has been. Hope you have enjoyed looking at your child's portfolio. They have worked so hard and deserve a well earned break.. Enjoy a few photos from our activities this week. See you next term.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

KC Visits Heathly Harold

KC were so excited to go and meet Healthy Harold. It was great to consolidate what we had learnt in class about healthy eating by sort foods into groups. We talked about adults who can help us and fun ways to exercise. We were also able to look at some of the important organs inside our body. Harold was very cheeky and made us laugh a lot. Please enjoy the video of our photos below. 
Thanks Mrs Collins.

Reminders Week 9

Parent Helpers - No Groups This Week
Thanks for all your help this term. We won't be having groups this week to enable us to finish off units of work and catch up with other activities not completed.

No Sound Of The Week
We will be revising all sounds this week, therefore there will be no sound table this week.

Homework will be one worksheet of sight words this week and readers.

Photos Needed!
If possible, could you send in four photos of your child at different stages (baby, toddler, pre-school, present age)
We will pasting them onto cardboard. Approximate size 8cm x 8cm. Please send them in by Thursday 18 June.

News Topic
'Something I am planning to do in the holidays'.

Student Reports and Portfolios
The reports and portfolios will be sent home on Thursday. We hope that you will enjoy looking through the portfolio with your child, asking them questions about their work and praising them for their efforts.
Some English and Mathematic work samples are bundled together in the same plastic sleeve. Please pull them out so you can see all of the worksamples.
Bookings for interviews will be online through Sentral.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

KB visits Healthy Harold van

Hello Everyone,
KB had a wonderful time during their visit to the Healthy Harold van. (KC will visit on Friday)
They sorted healthy food and placed items under the five food group headings.
They also learnt about safe ways to live and people who can help them.
They looked at the human body and placed the major organs in the correct position.
Harold also went on a picnic where there was healthy food to eat.
The highlight seemed to be watching the stars appear on the roof and talking to Harold.
Well done KB on having terrific behaviour during the lesson.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Week 8 Reminders

Healthy Harold Visit
Please refer to the note sent home about the Healthy Harold program this week.
KB will be visiting the van on Wednesday 10 June and KC on Friday 12 June.
If you want your child to purchase something please have the correct money in an envelope or clip lock bag with their name and class on it.

Sound Of the Week
This week our sound is 'Z' as in zebra. Please bring something for the sound table.
We will also be learning about 'X' and 'Q' but don't need anything brought in for these letters. 

News Topic
It is free choice this week but preferably not toys. Some ideas could include; making something with Lego, a painting or drawing, talking about a special event, a favourite photo, a game, a song, a poem etc.
Monday News group can have their turn on one of the other days this week.

Next week's topic will be 'Something I am planning to do in the holidays'.

Parent Helper Note For Term 3 Groups
There was a purple note sent home for parent helpers next term.
If you are available again or would like to help for the first time, please fill in the note and return to school by 12 June.
Here is a link to the note.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Writing Worksamples

Hello Everyone,
We are very pleased to see our Kindys learning how to write sentences.
This week KC and KB read the big book The Hungry Giant's Lunch. We then talked about how to use sentence starters such as 'I like.... and it was .........' to write about their favourite food.
We are encouraging them to use capital letters, fullstops, spaces between words and joining words such as 'and' to join two ideas together.
They are also starting to use known sight words in their writing and to try and sound out unknown words as much as possible.
Please encourage them to write at home.
Some ideas could include; writing a daily entry into a notebook as a diary in the holidays, a shopping list, a letter or email to a friend or family member, a wish list for a birthday or Christmas, a recount of a day out.
Discussing and planning their thoughts is very helpful before they start writing. Lots of praise for having a go and not worrying about 'mistakes' is vital.
Here are a few worksamples completed recently in KB and KC.