Friday, 27 February 2015

Week 6 Reminders

Thank you to our parents for assisting with Home Readers for the first time this week.
The children seem very keen to swap books every day.
Please record the title of the book and any comments (sounding out, read together, too hard, too easy) in the Reading Journal. You only have to record books Monday to Thursday. There is no borrowing of readers over the weekend.

Mathletics and Reading Egg Login/Password
Your child can start using their Mathletics and Reading Egg logins. We occasionally use Mathletics in class and Rainforest Maths to reinforce concepts. Please use the sites as a learning and revision tool. It is not compulsory.

Parent Helpers
We will be sending a note home towards the end of the term asking for volunteers to assist with reading and maths groups. Groups will commence in Term 2 and we will specify which days and times on a reply slip. All volunteers have to complete the Parent Helper Workshop with Mr Coote.

Letter/Sound of the Week
The letter of the week is 'Ff' as in fish. Please ask your child to bring in something for the sound table starting with 'F'.

News Days and Topics
Your child received their News Day today and a list of topics. Please read the tips for presenting news to the class. See below for a copy of the note sent home today.

K-6 Assembly on Friday 6 March.
Parents are welcome. Commences in the PAC at 11:10am.

K-6 Cake Day on Friday 6 March.
50c for a cake.

News Topics For Term 1
Week 6
Talk about something that you have enjoyed in Kindergarten.
Week 7
Bring something from home and describe what it is made of (e.g wood, plastic, material, metal, no glass thanks). Then tell us its use in the home.
Week 8
Teach the class something (e.g a favourite nursery rhyme, song, how to make something-briefly, tie shoelaces, make a simple craft object etc)
Week 9
Talk about...’When I grow up...’
Week 10
Talk about...’In the holidays I will...

Tips for Presenting News.
1.     Practise your talk at home at least once.
2.    Aim for about 1-2 minutes.
3.     Add one or two pictures, props, photos to the talk to make it interesting when appropriate.
4.    Speak in an audible, confident voice so everyone can hear you.
5.    Do not read notes. It is a speaking activity not a reading activity.
6.     Have fun and your teacher will prompt you if you get stuck or forget your topic.

7.    Remember and be prepared for your news day. It is difficult to ‘make-up’ a day later on in the week. Hang your News Day laminated sign up at home.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Teddy Bear Picnic with Year 5 Buddies

Today we had the annual Teddy Bear Picnic with the Year 5 Buddies.
The children were quite excited as they met their Year 5 buddies and enjoyed the 'picnic' of Teddy Tots biscuits. One group had even brought their own marshmallow ice-creams! 
After a few photos, we all got up to dance a Wiggles song and The Hokey Pokey. It looked like the teachers and Year 5 were enjoying themselves as much as Kindy.
It was a great way to consolidate our 'letter of the week'.
Please also enjoy the short video of our Teddy bear song, at the bottom of the page.

Maths This Week

Hello Everyone,
This week in maths we have be learning about patterns. The children were asked to make their own repeating patterns by choosing from a variety of materials such as coloured plastic teddies, beads and letters. 

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Teddy Bears Picnic Thursday 26 February

A reminder for Thursday...
Bring your favourite teddy to school for the Teddy Bear Picnic with our buddies and other related activities.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Home Readers

  1. Dear Parents,
  2. Home readers have been sent home today. Please enjoy reading these with your children. Below are some hints to get you started.

    • Before reading, talk about the cover, the title, the pictures, and discuss what the book may be about.
    • During reading, discuss what has been read up to that point, and imagine what will happen next time.
    • After reading is finished, talk and ask questions about the story and the pictures.
    • When reading a harder book together, take turns. Beginning readers can read the repetitive parts and more experienced readers can read a paragraph or a page.
    • On finding an unknown word:
      Pause to give your child time to work out the word
      • –  go back to the beginning of the sentence, or read past the difficult word to the end of the sentence.
      • –  look for a clue in the picture or the words
      • –  look at the first letter and think about what the words could be
      • –  ask “Does this make sense?”
      • –  try to sound out the word
      • –  if necessary tell your child the word
    Praise your child for trying even if mistakes are made. 

    Thanks Nicole Collins and Leanne Blake.

Parent Helper Workshop

Dear Parents,
Mr Coote will be running the first Parent Helper Workshop this Thursday 26 February at 2pm in his office.
Please reply to if you would like to attend by 24 February.
Please note that any parent wishing to help in the classroom is required to complete this workshop.
If you can't make this workshop, Mr Coote will be holding further workshops throughout the year.
Mrs Blake and Mrs Collins

Friday, 20 February 2015

Reminders For Week 5

Here are the reminders for Week 5.

  • Readers will be sent home in the student's yellow bag. Please read the book together, fill in the Reading Journal book and return the book the next day for swapping with another book. We will start the children off on an appropriate level for their ability. 
  • Library on Monday. Remember to pack the library bag so your child can borrow a new book.
  • Sound/letter of the week is 'Tt' as in tap.
  • On Thursday, we will have a Teddy Bears Picnic with our buddy classes. Bring your Teddy for a fun day at school. We will also be providing a small packet of Tiny Teddies for our 'picnic'. Please let us know if your child cannot have the biscuits.
  • Please continue to put canteen money (purses, wallets) in your child's lunchbox. We are finding that this really helps them to manage their money without losing it or leaving it in their bag.

Smiley Biscuits

Hello Everyone,
Kinder had fun today making 'smiley' biscuits for our letter of the week, 'S'. The students also completed a procedure worksheet that outlines each step in making the biscuit.
They were allowed to eat their delicious biscuit at recess time.