Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Last Reminders for Thursday 3 December

Dear Parents,

Just a few last minute reminders.

  • No Crunch and Sip tomorrow
  • Blazers need to be brought to school tomorrow and will be worn during the Presentation Day Assembly.
  • Black tee-shirts to be worn under school uniform
  • At the conclusion of the assembly, we will walk the class back over to the classroom. The children that are going home with parents or grandparents can collect their school bag and uniform and then depart. Parents can come to the classroom to pick up their child. We may need a few minutes to hand out their bags.
  • Your child's headphones have been taken into the Year 1 rooms ready for next year.
Thank you for your very generous gifts. We feel very spoilt.
We would also like to wish all our families a very safe and restful holiday and a happy Christmas.

                                 Mrs Collins       Mrs Blake

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Mystery Reader Week 9

It was lovely to have Mrs Clarke come as our Mystery Reader to read to KB today.
She read Wombat Divine by Mem Fox. 
It was a good lesson in learning how to bounce back and try out for new things even when things don't go as planned.
Enjoy the photos of KB 'beaming' as wombat did in the book.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Celebration Event

The students were thrilled to receive invitations from Year 2 to attend their special celebration event to conclude their unit on Celebrations.
Kindy enjoyed musical statues, sack races, red light/green light, pass the parcel and some delicious party food to finish off.
Thank you to Year 1 and Year 2 for inviting us.

Term 4 Last Week 9 Reminders

Here it is... the last week of the school year.

Costume Note
Please check the Parent Portal for details about the costume needed for next week. A black tee-shirt turned inside out (to hide any logos or pictures) would be fine. Black shorts, pants or leggings need to be brought in on Monday in a plastic bag, labelled with the child's name. 

Presentation Day on Thursday
Please return permission notes for those that will or will not be leaving after the Presentation Day Assembly.
The black tee-shirt needs to be worn underneath the school uniform on Thursday.
Blazers are to be worn for the assembly.

Work Books and Notes Please keep checking the yellow bag every day and clear out books, art work and notes. 
Could you please send in a sturdy bag (e.g Woolies or Coles bags) to carry home the last lot of books on Wednesday.

Home Readers will be Kinders only homework for this short week. Please ensure all readers are returned by Wednesday.

Preparation For Year 1
On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, KC and KB will exit school via the side gate next to the PAC (where the rest of the school departs). We will dismiss them when we stop to the side of the crossing.

Looking forward to a fabulous last week,
Mrs Blake    Mrs Collins

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

KC Mystery Reader

Last Friday Mrs Fisher was our Mystery reader. She read us the A Christmas Carol. It was fun to read a classic Christmas story. 

Strings Show and Tell With Year 1 and Kindy

KC and KB had some wonderful 'teachers' (year 1)  showing them how to play either a violin or a cello. 
They listened to a short performance and then were buddied up to have a go on the instruments.
It was an excellent way to prepare them for learning a string instrument next year.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

KB Mystery Reader Week 8

Hello Everyone,
This week our Mystery Reader was Mr Gordon. He read a funny book called The Cranky Bear by Nick Bland.
KB really enjoyed joining in with a BIG roar with Mr Gordon. We also discussed what made some people cranky and maybe there is a reason behind it !?!
Thanks Mr Gordon.