Monday, 29 May 2017

Kindy Kangraoo's 35th Anniversary art pieces

Today we had the opportunity to draw our pieces for the school wide art project to celebrate 35 years of Inaburra. Check them out, we did such a fantastic job.

Mystery Reader Kindy Kangaroo Week 5

This week one of out dads came and shared a really fun book with us, Press Here by HervĂ© Tullet. It is  an interactive book that we were all able to get involved in and do something, make lots of noise and laugh. Enjoy the fun experience in this slideshow.


Sunday, 28 May 2017

Platypus Mystery Reader

On Friday the class had a big surprise when Mr Bowden our Principal knocked on the door.
He read The Very Cranky Bear by Nick Bland. The class loved the loud roars and the kind sheep.
Thank you Mr Bowden for coming to read to us.

Term 2 Week 6 Reminders

Sound Of The Week
Please bring in items that have 'w' as in water and 'u' as in bus.

News Topic
We are all different. Talk about something that is special to you.
Your favourite meal, a special treat on your birthday, a favourite game or activity you would choose to do on a rainy day or just when you have time at home. You can bring in a prop to go with your talk or some pictures.

Cake Day on Friday
Bring your 50c for a cake.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Year 5 Teach KPlatypus Students

Last Thursday, Mr Butchatsky and his Year 5 Reading Group prepared a wonderful lesson on the meaning of our National Anthem. 
The Year 5 students prepared a powerpoint presentation on their laptops to help explain some of the concepts to Kindergarten.
The small groups spent 10-15 minutes working together and then at the end of the lesson the students sang the National Anthem together.
It was encouraging to see the older students teaching the younger students.
Thank you for visiting us and sharing your knowledge.

Mystery Reader Week 4-Platypus Class

Last Friday our Mystery Reader brought along a book called Cushie Butterfield. It was a funny book about a cow who pretended to be sick to get out of going to school. Miraculously Cushie was always better on the weekends.
Thanks for coming to our class and spending some time with us.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Term 2 Week 5 Reminders

Sound of the Week
Please find items that start with the sounds 'h' as in hand and 'b' as in bird for this week.

News Topic
This week's topic is to bring in a favourite dress up costume to talk about and explain why they like that costume/ character.
If your child doesn't have a dress up costume they can talk about something they would like.

Reading and Maths Groups (Parent Helpers)
There will be no groups this week. 

Wednesday Reading Group (Parent Helpers)
Thank you to those parents who had signed up to help on Wednesdays. 
Due to a change in our timetable we won't be continuing with the Wednesday session for the rest of the term.
If you would still like to help, there are a few spots left on Tuesdays with Maths Groups. Please email Mrs Blake or Mrs Collins if you would like to sign up for those vacancies.

Athletics Carnival on Wednesday 24 May
We have be notified about Sport Houses for each child. On Monday we will send home a note to inform you of their Sport House.
Please refer to the note sent home for details about times of events.
If you haven't returned the permission note, please return to school as soon as possible.