Saturday, 19 August 2017

Term 3 Week 5 Reminders

Father's Day Stall and Breakfast
Bring your money on Wednesday 23 August to purchase a gift for either dad or grandad.
The Father's Day Breakfast is also on the same day commencing at 7:30am and concluding at 8:25am.

Parent Helpers
We will be unable to have literacy groups on Wednesday due to the Father's Day Stall. 

Book Week Character Parade
All parents are invited to attend our special Book Week assembly on Friday 25 August commencing at 11:45am.
The children can wear their costumes all day. Please include a jumper/jacket for cool weather and a hat for recess and lunch time.

News Topic
Bring in your favourite book and tell us why you like it.
Bookmark 1-2 pages to show to the class.

Term 3 Week 4 Mystery Reader KP

Our mystery reader this week brought along a favourite children's story from his own childhood. The children enjoyed the story of a faithful dog who eventually came back home after the family had moved into a new house.
Our mystery reader also had an amazing magic trick to show the class.
Thank you for spending time with us on a windy Friday afternoon.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Term 3 Week 3 Mystery Reader KP

Our Mystery Reader got a huge hug when he came into the classroom on Friday.
He read a favourite story called Giraffes Can't Dance. At the end of the story we had a chat about being brave and doing things we want to do even if others around us are not as supportive.
Thanks for coming and sharing your time with us.

Term 3 Week 4 Reminders

Welcome to Week 4
News Topic

A true family story. Talk about something that a family or family member has experienced. It can be funny, unusual, amazing or accidental. For example “When mum went to school they had funny old wooden tables that were always in straight rows. There weren’t any computers and the most amazing ‘thing’ was an overhead projector that the teacher would turn on and the fan blew hot air on everyone.”

Book Week Character Parade
A reminder to plan your dress up costume for Week 5. It has to be a character from a book and bring the book as well.
The parade will be on Friday 25 August.

Just a reminder that if your child is sick, you will be contacted by the school to reply to a text message. 

If your child is going to away for a family holiday or other reasons the school needs to be informed before you go away. 
Fill in the Leave Of Absence form on the parent portal.

Parent Helpers
There will be no groups this week. Enjoy a free morning!

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Grandparents Day with Kindy Kangaroos

It was great fun having our Grandparent come to school. We loved showing them our classroom and performing for them. Thanks for coming to share with us.


Saturday, 5 August 2017

Week 3 Term 3 Reminders

News Topic This Week
Talk about how we can be healthy. What activities can we do? What food can we eat?

Names Inside Shoes
The children are having a wonderful time taking off their shoes to play in the sand at lunch time. Please check that their name is inside their shoes so that they don't get mixed up with other children's shoes.

History Booklet
On Friday we sent home a booklet for parents to help their children to fill in. It will provide valuable information for our lesson when we talk about where our family has come from.
Please return to school by Wednesday 9 August.

Guest Speakers
As part of our history unit we would like to invite some guest speakers (parents, aunties, uncles or grandparents) who would love to share some experiences of what life was like when they were growing up. (some examples; toys, games, school, family/social outings, holidays- just pick a few to talk about)
When: Thursday afternoons (this term)
Time: 2:00pm
Duration: approx 10 minutes
Bring: any photos, a toy from the past, an artifact (e.g old phone, school workbook, a record/cassette/video) to show to the children
Please email your class teacher and we will confirm a date with you. (August dates 17th, 24th, 31st, September 7th, 14th, )

Book Week Character Costume
Our annual book week character parade is coming up soon in Week 5. Just a reminder that the costume has to be from a book and the students will bring the book with them on the day. In the past we have had crocodiles, Fancy Nancy, possum from Possum Magic, a green sheep, the cat in the hat, Mrs Twit, The Magic Pudding, Mr Strong, Puss In Boots, Thelma The Unicorn, The Singing mermaid, Matilda. We are always amazed at how creative parents can be using items and clothing from home. 

Week 2 KP Mystery Reader

On Friday our mystery reader was a grandparent who read The Very Sleepy Bear by Nick Bland. The children listened carefully and were able to give some informative answers at the end of the reading. 
Thank you for coming along and sharing your time with us.