Friday, 20 October 2017

Term 4 Week 3 Reminders

Cake Day 27 October
A reminder that it is Kindergarten's turn to bring in cakes to sell. Please refer to the note on the parent portal.
Slice, brownies, cookies, muffins and sometimes we even have jelly cups (which the younger students enjoy) are all welcome.
The children can deliver their container to the PAC window/servery before school on Friday.
We will hand out the containers to bring home at the end of the day.

Operation Christmas Boxes
The Christmas boxes are due before or on Friday 27 October.
We appreciate your donations to this worthy charity.

News Topic
Review a book or movie. Give us a brief summary of what happens and tell us what you like about it.

The children ( and parents ) did a wonderful job in preparing and presenting their speeches in Week 2. 
We have chosen three children from each class to present their speech again on Friday to the K-2 students.

Lost Blazers
A few blazers have been misplaced recently. Could we ask everyone to check their child's blazer to see if you have the right one. Thank you.

Footwear For Swimming Lessons
Some ideas for suitable slip on shoes for swimming lessons in week 4. (Pictures borrowed from Year 1 Blog- Thanks)

Friday, 13 October 2017

Term 4 Week 2 Reminders

Dear Parents,
We have had a great week settling back into the school routine. It has been lovely to hear about all the holiday experiences.

Speeches This Week instead of News Topic
Please refer to the note on the parent portal. The children can either memorise their speech or have small palm cards with either pictures or words on it.
They can glance at the palm cards, however; they are not to read each word or sentence.
We will give those children who do not wish to present a speech formally an impromptu/surprise topic to talk about instead.
The children may do their speech on their news day.

Christmas Boxes
Please bring back your completed box before 27 October. 

School Hats and Blazers
The students must wear their hats before school, at recess and lunch and when leaving at the end of the day.
The rule 'No Hat No Play' will be reinforced this term.
Blazers are optional this term, however; they must be worn for the Presentation Day assembly.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Welcome Back! Reminders for Week 1 Term 4

Hello Everyone,
We hope all our families have had a restful and relaxing holiday.
We are looking forward to beginning new topics and rehearsing for our Kindergarten assembly item that will have a Christmas theme.
Kindergarten will also have their turn at providing cakes for cake day (Week 3) and swimming lessons will commence in Week 4.

Swimming Lessons
In past years we have found that the poncho/cape style towel with a hood is very practical (rather than carrying a towel) and is worn over the children's swimmers when travelling to the pool and back again. 
Slip on waterproof sandals/shoes are also easy to put on and take off at the pool.

News Topic
This week will be holiday news.

Public Speaking
A reminder for Kindergarten students who would like to present their one minute speech for our Public Speaking Challenge that their speech needs to be prepared and rehearsed to deliver in front of their own class from Monday 16 October (Week 2).
We would like to encourage everyone to have a go and as it's their first time, we will be giving lots of helpful positive feedback.
Please refer to the Early Stage 1 Public Speaking Challenge note for Kindergarten on the portal for details about topic and criteria used when judging each speech.

Christmas Boxes
Please return your Christmas Boxes by 27 October (Friday Week 3)
If you would like another box we have plenty of spare boxes. We would like Kindergarten to bring their boxes to the classroom as we usually do a group photo on the Friday they are due. 

Mystery Reader KP Week 10 Term 3

On the last Friday of Term 3 we had our Mystery Reader come along a read a favourite book to the class. It was Pig The Pug by Aaron Blabey. We really enjoyed listening to this very funny book.
Thanks to our Mystery Reader for coming along and sharing the book with us.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Toys That Move

We finished off our Science Unit by bringing in toys that could move in a variety of ways. The children had to say what their toy was and explain how it moved.

Kindy excursion to the Science Centre

Kindergarten had a fantastic day as we headed to the Science Centre in Wollongong. We enjoyed the movie in the planetarium and then got to explore the 2 floors of the exhibition area. It was great to push, pull and touch all of the hands on exhibits. To finish off we enjoyed the bubbles and balloon show.
Then we headed off for lunch and got to play in a great playground at Stuart Park.
Enjoy the photos of our fun day out in the following two slide shows.